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API Security

According to Gartner, APIs are the most-frequent attack vector. Hackers/bots have exploited API vulnerabilities resulting in major breaches across thousands of organizations.

AI Trained

AI automatically discards false positives. Note: AI doesn't skip public endpoints by business as false positives.


All tests are non-intrusive and require no live traffic or source code access. Safely test your production/development APIs. EthicalCheck delivered hundreds of API security reports across all industries.


Generate enterprise-grade security test reports. Confidently share it with developers, customers, partners, and compliance teams.

Security Bugs

(DAF) Discover, Analyze and Fix vulnerabilities in your API/application. Instantly discover OAuth 2.0, JWT, BasicAuth, OWASP API #2, and broken authentication defects in your web/mobile/public APIs.

Next-Gen DAST

EthicalCheck is a next-gen DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) solution. It detects authentication, authorization, and API-centric vulnerabilities.

Bug Bounty Savings

Using EthicalCheck is similar to running a private bug-bounty program. EthicalCheck saves you thousands of dollars on penetration testing and bug bounty cost.

Shift Left

Activate EthicalCheck's GitHub Action and a CI/CD hook to enable DevSecOps and Shift left.


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