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How it Works

Steps of API Penetration
1 Test Request

Submit API test request via the UI form or invoke EthicalCheck API using cURL/Postman. Request input requires a public-facing OpenAPI Spec URL, API authentication token valid for at least 10 mins, an active license key, and an email.

2 Test Execution

EthicalCheck engine automatically creates and runs custom security tests for your APIs covering OWASP API Top 10 list

3 Generates Report

Automatically removes false positives from the results, creates a custom developer-friendly report, and emails it to you.





Thousands of organizations/developers trust EthicalCheck. It enables free & instant API penetration test reports for HIPAA, ISO, SOC 2, and PCI-DSS compliance requirements. It detected 1000+ hard-to-find security bugs.

Most Targetted

According to Gartner, APIs are the most-frequent attack vector. Hackers/bots have exploited API vulnerabilities resulting in major breaches across thousands of organizations.

AI Trained

Only see real vulnerabilities; false positives are automatically separated.


Generate enterprise-grade penetration test reports. Confidently share it with developers, customers, partners, and compliance teams.

Security Bugs

Instantly discover OAuth 2.0, JWT, BasicAuth, OWASP API-2, and broken authentication vulnerabilities in your REST APIs.

Bug Bounty Savings

Using EthicalCheck is similar to running a private bug-bounty program. EthicalCheck saves you thousands of dollars on penetration testing and bug bounty cost.

Shift Left

Activate EthicalCheck's GitHub Action, API, and a CI/CD hook to enable DevSecOps and Shift left.

API Security Test Platform

Find out how to proactively security test your hundreds of public facing APIs across API Gateways and Postman for vulnerabilities.

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OWASP API Top 10 Coverage
#1 Broken Object Level Auth
#2 Broken User Auth
(Authentication Exploit(Empty), Authentication Exploit(SQL), Broken Authentication)
#3 Excessive Data Exposure
(Incremental Ids, Sensitive Data Exposure)
#4 Rate Limit
(ADOS, Rate Limit(Authenticated), Rate Limit(Unauthenticated))
#5 Broken Function Level Auth
#6 Mass Assignment
#7 Security Misconfiguration
(CORS Config Origin Reflection,TLS)
#8 Injection
(NoSQL Injection, SQL Injection,Stored NoSQL Injection, Stored SQL Injection, XSS Injection)
#9 Improper Assets Management
(OpenAPI Specification Standard)
#10 Insufficient Logging
(Log4j Injection)
Complicance Report (SOC2)
Rest APIs
Postman Collection
Production APIs
GitHub Action
5 Min Testing time
3 Tests in 30 Days
Non Production APIs
GDPR CCPA Compliance

Web vs API Penetration Testing Coverage

Gartner Magic Quadrant AST Vendor 1 Gartner Magic Quadrant AST Vendor 2 EthicalCheck
API (OWASP API Top 10 Coverage)
#1 Broken Object Level Auth
#2 Broken User Auth
#3 Excessive Data Exposure
#4 Rate Limit
#5 Broken Function Level Auth
#6 Mass Assignment
#7 Security Misconfiguration
#8 Injection
#9 Improper Assets Management
#10 Insufficient Logging
Web Penetration Coverage
Application Vulnerability
Command Injection
Reflected XSS
ARP spoofing
CRLF Injection
Mobile code security
SQL Injection
Cross-site Scripting
CSRF Attacks
Stored XSS
Phishing Attacks
Denial of Service Attacks
Privacy Violation
Malware Attacks
Brute-Force and Dictonary Attacks
Sphear Attacks
Man-in-the-middle Attacks
Spoofing Attacks


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